God Sightings

Please tell us where you have seen God's love or how you have blessed someone's life.

God is everywhere, in things big and small, so feel free to share whatever is on your heart!

Household from God

 I put out a request on Facebook for some household items for my son who is moving into his own place. A friend contacted me with a whole three bedroom household of furniture and some other essentials. Such a blessing for my son and his family. He will have all he and the family need to set up his household.

Sunday School - Bible 

I teach 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School. In July the children receive a bible from the church. One of my children was heading to the beach with his family. He told his mom he needed to go back in he forgot something. She thought it was something for the beach. He went back in to get his Bible. I pray the Holy Spirit continues to work in his life and my other baby Christians.

- Michele M

Jacob and Jesus

We got a fantastic phone call on Monday, June 12, from our Grandson, Jacob. Jacob, "Pappy and Nana, I need to tell you something." "What do you need to tell us?" Jacob, "I asked Jesus to come into my heart today." The tears and rejoicing began immediately! What a God-sighting!

-Jimmy Allen

VBS 2017

Our fist night of VBS we had 166 kids join us to hear about Jesus! That was more than we had the first day of VBS last year. We are expecting more to come this week! And we have 140 volunteers working is many, many ways this week! What a great God-sighting!

- Jimmy Allen

Tell everyone about God!

Here is God-sighting from a conversation between my two oldest grandsons: Grant said, "We have to go to all of the countries to tell them about Jesus. We have to tell them about God, Jacob!" May we all be as bold and excited as 6 year old Grant!

- Jimmy Allen