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Connect Groups
A Connect Group is a small group of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. There are a variety of different groups that meet throughout the week to have fun, fellowship, share and discuss their faith and walk with Christ. 
Woodbine Kidz
Woodbine Kidz wants to teach children how to worship and live their lives how the Scripture directs. We want the children to leave each meeting knowing that God loves them, they have a purpose, and they are worth everything!

The Children of Woodbine Preschool

A Christian-based preschool that strives to provide a developmentally appropriate program for children ages one through four. We use our knowledge and training of how children develop and learn to provide experiences that will help them grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

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Anomaly Youth
Anomaly Youth gives youth grades 6-12 a chance to learn what it means to live differently in a world controlled by social media and popularity. 
Anomaly Youth meets at 6:00 Wednesday nights in the Youth Trailer behind the Main Sanctuary.


Woodbine strives to serve our congregation through comfort food when and where it is most needed.

Abundant Life Counseling Center

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